DMU Comedy Society started its life out as ‘DMU Footlights’ in January 2010, we then realised that it was a bit of a knobby name which rode on the embroided coat tails of Cambridge Footlights. And we didn’t need to ride no coat tails. We just ride the ocean of our own success and the waves of laughter we elicit. Or something.

For the last four years we’ve taken our stand-up showcase show ‘Gagging for Attention’ to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and received four star reviews from ThreeWeeks and Broadway Baby. We have also performed Gagging For Attention at Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival and we host monthly open mic nights at The Crumblin’ Cookie. Members of the society have been involved in all sorts of comedy projects, including a panel show for Demon TV, various radio shows on Demon FM, including a sitcom which will debut this Freshers’ Week, and, of course, this page on the website and in the The Demon. We have had our collective finger predominantly in the stand-up pie in recent years, but with enough interest, enthusiasm and ability we’d like to have a crack at sketch and other mediums again and we’re open to trying whatever our members would like to.

We want to continue to provide a safe, comfortable environment for anyone to try out live comedy, with workshops run by more experienced members. Don’t worry if you’re reading this as a fan of comedy and a terrified chill has spread across you at the idea of performing. We all get that. And you don’t have to perform to be a member, we spend a lot of time sitting in the pub talking about comedy and other stuff. So if that’s all you want from a society then come along.

If you’d like to get up to date news about the society, our events and our socials then like us on Facebook and you can follow us on twitter: @dmucomedy or why not come to DMU Comedy Society’s Fresher show on the 30th of September?