The news broke this week that female comedian Amy Schumer had a heckler removed from her show by security after they continually disrupted the set. It seems some people can’t draw the line between a friendly outburst and verbal abuse.

Often hecklers can help stand-up comedians make their set funnier and also create relationships between the star and the audience that can make the show a better experience as a whole. However, there’s adding to a joke and then there’s just being mean.

Although what the heckler said to Amy Schumer has not surfaced online yet, I’m sure it will at some point. The rest of the audience was reported to applaud when the woman was thrown out proving that this was probably not one of those hecklers who improve the show.

The audience’s voicing their opinion has been a part of stand-up comedy since it began and they will continue to thrive. However is there any point in paying to see a show only to disrupt the comedian’s routine that they have worked so hard on.

Many stars have responses ready for situations precisely like this as Amy Schumer stated “I should come up with something beforehand. It’s more dangerous if I sort of fire off whatever comes into my head.”

Comedians are not the only performers who have been known to tell off audience members for disrupting the show. After the infamous Queen-gate when Meryl Streep reportedly had it out with members of the audience after they had talked all the way through her west-end performance.

Hopefully, future hecklers will learn from this experience and  continue to bring more spice to comedy shows rather than leaving a sour taste in everybody’s mouth