Today Leicester Comedy Festival announced its line-up for its 2017 festival taking place from February 8 until February 26.

The 19day festival held across the city of Leicester will have 770 events with shows from the likes of Sue Perkins, Johnny Vegas and Jimmy Carr.

Geoff Rowe, founder of the festival said: “Join our celebrations throughout February 2017 in Leicester, as we present another festival bursting with laughs.

“A comedy show for every taste, exclusive interviews with top comedians and a host of unique events to put a smile back on the face of all who join us.”

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As well as stand up performances with talent from across the country the festival will also play host to lectures and seminars on a variety of subjects ranging from the history of the festival to offence in comedy.

To find the full list of acts and to book tickets then visit the festival website here.

For more information, you can also call 0116 456 6812