The Comedy Committee aren’t the overlords of humour, just the committee of DMU’s Comedy Society.

They're prescription. What of it?

They’re prescription. What of it?

Dani Natasha Hodge is our Social Secretary.

How long have you been in DMU Comedy Society?

I’ve been at comedy society 1 year.

Why did you join?

I joined the society to meet new people, be more confident in myself and have a good laugh.

Who is /are your favourite comedian(s)?

My favourite comedians are Jimmy Carr, Michael McIntyre and Sarah Millican.

How would you describe DMU Comedy Society?

I would describe comedy society as fun, creative and crazy.

What was your favourite Comedy Society moment?

My favourite moment of the society was the society awards, we all had a great night.

Why should Freshers join DMU Comedy Society?

Freshers should join up because we’re all really nice approachable people and one of the best dmu societies.