De Montfort University’s (DMU) Volleyball team (Dragons) have pulled off some incredible performances this year, however, this may have topped them all as the men’s team came back against Cambridge to win the in the final set, winning 3-2 overall.

DMU started the game with the first point, although Cambridge stuck with them as they exchanged points in the early stages. An ace (point straight from serving) gave them a two-point advantage as they led 4-2. This seemed to make Cambridge step up a level as they went 14-8 quickly, with DMU calling a timeout to settle their nerves. Although they seemed a lot calmer and composed throughout the rest of the set, Cambridge had the momentum to keep up the offense. A string of last-ditch saves and clever play brought it to 20-11. Although DMU were starting to grow into the game, they lost the first set 25-14.

Going into the second set, the dragons conceded the first point, then regained the lead immediately with two quick points. Cambridge regained the lead with a 4-2 score, however, the dragons burst into life, winning the next 8 points in a row, stunning Cambridge into a timeout. It helped them as they came back to 11-11, though the Dragons found good rhythm and went 15-11 up and the game just kept getting more and more intense. Exchanging points, DMU took it to 19-14 and continued their domination of Cambridge in their set to win 25-15, taking the tally to 1-1 overall.

The third set was a fairly one-sided affair as DMU struggled to put together a string of points, keeping momentum on the side of Cambridge. Whilst the Dragons were incredibly unlucky on defence, some effective offense in the middle of the set couldn’t bring them back as they 14-8 down around the halfway mark. DMU showed signs of improvement as they caused a huge panic in the Cambridge defence. However, even though they showed some remarkable skill saving some peculiar points, including one where they had to hit the ball back to their own team as it travelled to the side wall, it wasn’t enough to stop Cambridge as they won 25-13, taking the score to 2-1 to the travelling team.

With DMU being written off by the away team, the Dragons dominated the following two sets in an impressive style. DMU used the home advantage, along with the spectator’s support to drive through the Cambridge side. The cheering and pride by both the team and the spectators could be heard even outside the arena. Each point was celebrated as a win and how much it meant only increased with every point, especially as they held off Cambridge in the final set to win 15-12, leaving the final score at 3 sets to 2. An unimaginable comeback showing Cambridge that the game isn’t over until the final point.

Final Score: De Montfort University Men’s Volleyball 1st team 3 – 2 University of Cambridge