Bring Me The Horizon were the rock band of 2015. Their fifth album That’s The Spirt was met with critical and commercial praise and landed them a place on the main stage of Reading and Leeds that year. A tour was therefore inevitable and keeping with the band’s strange trend, it had to be in the freezing cold month of November.

Going all out on the visuals, the set was a feast for eyes and ears. Huge screens held drummer and keyboardist, Matt Nichols and Jordan Fish, aloft while the slew of guitarists blanketed the arena in sound. A distorted, hardcore and very loud blanket at that. The freedom of the set allowed frontman Oli Sykes to take the centre and bounce around the entire stage with enthusiasm and bravado. Accompanied by seamless visuals the band tore through classics such as ‘Go To Hell For Heaven’s Sake‘, ‘Can You Feel My Heart‘ and a personal favourite ‘House Of Wolves‘ with lasers, fire and backdrops that could melt anyone’s brain.

It was the tracks off That’s The Sprit, however, where the band came into its own. Sykes had the audience in his hand; opening mosh circle pits to his whim and getting the crowd on its knees before the hysteria of ‘Chelsea Smile‘- a motif of the band. The new songs gave the crowd a new range of emotions too, allowing them to wildly mosh to Happy Song but also wave lighters and sway to ‘Oh No‘.

Given some past criticisms of their live sets, Bring Me The Horizon are going above and beyond on this tour and it’s not to be missed.