10695308_10152236227786734_2139151970_nTwo pizza companies have had a standoff outside the DMU fresher’s fair this afternoon.

Pizza Hut and Domino’s have both been promoting their companies outside the campus Centre today and there has been a territory disagreement over where they can give out leaflets.

The disagreement came to a head when Pizza Hut staff were standing on the steps of the SU. Domino’s pay the Student’s Union for their place at the fair as the steps are not public property.

Colina Wright, Membership services manager at De Montfort Student’s Union said: “Domino’s have attended the fresher’s fair for several years and DSU continues to support them, however in recent years the fresher’s fair has expanded to the pedestrian areas on Mill Lane and that is causing some friction with local companies.

Police were forced to get involved as the argument became heated and we are told that they asked the staff to ‘act professional’.

A representative from Domino’s said: “It’s all friendly, we did this sort of thing on London road recently, but it seems that Pizza Hut are not happy, it’s just a bit of fun and games.”

Domino’s staff are urging students to throw away their pizza hut vouchers in return for free pizza.

A representative from Pizza Hut added: “We have seen domino’s staff taking our leaflets away from people, it’s starting to get aggressive.

“We do not want any confrontation, if we start getting involved too then it will be a fight.”

Colina added: “I can appreciate that both companies are precious about their services, however both need to understand that if there are pizza wars the only people that lose are the students.”