As students, we all know how hard it is to really want to buy something but not have the funding to buy it. Now that it’s once again SALE time, you may just be able to afford a new outfit or two.

Most high street shops such as Topshop/Topman, H&M, and River Island have released their mid-season sales. When transgressing from one season to another, it is always good to explore the mid-season sales for the best deals and pieces to help you through this phase.

For Men:

  1. Shop the basics– Topman are offering a range of basic tees from stripes to faded dip dye. These items can easily be incorporated into your S/S’13 wardrobe.
  2. Experiment– try something that you wouldn’t normally go for. At least you’ll be saving money so it won’t be too much of a risk.
  3. Necessity– you’ll never know what you are going to find, but ask yourself ‘do I REALLY need this?’-  Mainly this implies if you are on a budget, however if you’re not the rule can still apply.
  4.  Accessorize– men’s accessories are widely underrated. You can still look manly, even with a bit of jewellery. Sale time is the best to buy accessories; especially ties, and jewellery like bracelets.
  5. Mix and Match– even though it is sale time, don’t feel guilty if you buy something that is not in the sale – just make sure to cancel it out by buying something that is in the sale.

71X49DOFF_largeJeansRI Shirt

Similarly for Women:

  1.  A bit of both– there often seems a wider range for women when it comes to mid-season sales. Try and experiment with different items that you may not have considered before, whilst still trying to hunt for the basics.
  2. Treat yourself– You may not have much money in the bank, but think of sale shopping as an investment. Hey, think of everything you buy as an investment.
  3. Necessity– There is no need to be plan ahead when hitting the sales, as you never know what you may find. However set yourself a limit and ask yourself ‘do I really need this?’ and if so ‘how can I incorporate it into my future wardrobe?’
  4. Set yourself a budget- It’s easy to get yourself carried away girls, so be sensible and attempt to set yourself a reasonable budget.
  5. Pamper yourself- Not only do clothes stores have sales, but so do beauty shops such as The Body Shop and Lush. There’s more to looking good than just buying clothes.

Skater dressbiker jacketh and m dress

So there you have it, my five step guide to sale shopping for both men and women.