We all know going to university can be a rather daunting experience. However, it’s also an opportunity for a clean slate, make some brand new friends and memories. But remember, be yourself!


So how do we avoid copying everyone else? Being an addicted Instagrammer  myself, I know the feeling when you look at what the latest fashion blogger or celebrity is wearing and think to myself “I need this!”, before we find ourselves browsing high and low online until we get the dream outfit that we are looking for – come on, we all do it!


Dressing up like your favourite celebrity may seem like a great way to show yourself off as you will be fashionable and up to date on the latest seasons trends, but is this really what others want to see? If we all do this then we will end up looking like clones! We are stuck in this loop of being told ‘what’s hot vs. what’s not’, when we should really be focusing on how the clothes makes us feel. There is no need to feel like we need to emulate other people’s lifestyles and looks. Just because Blake Lively looks like a goddess in the new Loreal Paris shoot, does not mean that Rihanna could pull of the same look. We each have our own unique style, and we should use this in a way to show ourselves off for being us and not anyone else.


What will happen when we break ourselves out of these barriers? Will we create our own high fashion trends? We at Demon Media believe so! All fashion trends have to start from somewhere, whether this be combining two trends together, or combining something old with something new. Why not try and do this with your own style.

Dress to suit you. If you suit that 90’s fashion trend, then you go Glen Coco and wear it! If you are more partial to those biker boots you’ve owned for years, then go and show that style round campus. Never be afraid to be you!