Festival season is officially over. So now there’s no excuse to go days without washing, be smashed at three in the afternoon and wear ridiculously culturally inappropriate clothes. Whether your forearm is now completely covered in bands or not, it’s fair to say everyone will have some highlights from this years selection of festivals.

We’ll start out with Glastonbury, evidently the biggest UK festival and the most anticipated of the year. Foo Fighters lost their headline slot, a failed petition meant Kanye didn’t lose his and The Who were the only people sustaining faith in this true classic rock festival. Despite the festival being seemingly filled to the brim with new acts, leaving little room for the classics Glasto is known for, it’s clear that no one was really complaining by the end. Florence and the Machine heroically filled the shoes of the Foo Fighters and it worked, whilst The Libertines turned up for a surprise set- demonstrating exactly why this festival needs to keep with the times, rather than sticking onto old bands who don’t even have all the members they began with.

Glastonbury wasn’t the only place filled with secret sets, Reading & Leeds festival had surprise appearances from new album-releasers Foals who, despite having a short set, seemingly stole the show. Wolf Alice also surprised the crowd who became a highlight of the weekend for many, as well as line-up favourites Alt-J and The Maccabees who both performed weekend highlighting shows, as well as Jamie T ending his year of touring with a bang.

One of Leicester’s neighbouring, more intimate yet ever-growing, festivals Y-Not showcased headliners Primal Scream, Snoop Dogg and Basement Jaxx- the latter of which is made up of a duo, with Felix Buxton being from our very hometown. Despite Basement Jaxx putting on a memorable performance, with a perfectly executed cover of ‘House Every Weekend’, it’s clear to say Snoop Dogg’s appearance was the highlight of the weekend- with renditions of every song he’s famous for both writing and featuring in.

Wireless festival made the papers with the sheer amount of people running the bouncers in order to get in- which clearly shows how good the festival really was. Drake put on a well-awaited live UK performance after the release of his album ‘If You’re Reading This, It’s Probably Too Late’ which left fans for hours after yelling “I WAS RUNNING THRU’ THE 6 WITH MY WOES”.

Bestival had a lot to offer if you were willing to queue for a ferry for hours on end, with headliners Missy Elliott, Duran Duran and, Glastonbury favourites, The Chemical Brothers- it’s clear that the festival wasn’t for you if you don’t enjoy a good dance on your only weekend off work. But even if you do prefer to doze around, you could always have just took a llama for a walk.

Whether you attended festivals or not, my one bit of advice is to register now on the Glastonbury website- only because by the way festivals went this year, it’s clear everyone’s going to want a piece of every festival next year, and whilst it’s easy enough to get tickets to V or T in the Park or even Reading & Leeds, we all know Glastonbury’s the toughest one. And you don’t want to be left out. So get all your friends on board and start bribing them now to at least try and help you get a ticket, or you’re probably going to regret it.