Spotlight on Sport: M.A.S.S

M.A.S.S (Muscle, Athletic, Sports, Society) is a society centred on overall fitness and helping one another to reach goals in a friendly and fun environment. We take part in charity events throughout the year as well as hosting events to raise awareness about the society in general. Working with professional athletes throughout the year, which includes professional talks as well as training sessions with the included benefits such as, a variety of discounts, free samples and clothing available. With the introduction of new socials this year that includes a wide range of alternate activities including paintballing and go-karting.

What were the club’s accomplishments last season?

We created an alternate breakfast bar to promote healthy eating across the campus as well as raising money for a selected charity.

What is your most memorable moment from last season?

With many memories over the past year, a few stick out. Many of these are in the circuits that we run as they are always fun and active and allow for a friendly environment that supports one another.

What are your aspirations for this season?

With M.A.S.S being a small society, our main goal for the forthcoming year is to improve the appearance of us around DMU as well as taking part in more charity events throughout the year.

How much does it cost to join your club?

It is only 5 pounds with an active card, which can be brought from the Student Union.

Why should students join your club?

With a fun and friendly environment we enjoy working together to attain our goals. With plenty of free samples, advice and lots of support, if you enjoy a healthy lifestyle or would like the opportunity to lose the extra drink from fresher’s week, speak to us or message one of the committee on Facebook.

To join DMU M.A.S.S, find them at the Sports and Societies Fair on Thursday 1st October or get in touch via their links below:

FACEBOOK: DMU M.A.S.S 2015/2016