Catalyst Week 2

Hello, music lovers!

What a fantastic week of music we have for you; it’s an absolute pop bonanza! With so much good pop music being released lately, we felt it only right to celebrate that in the only way we know how – to play it on the Catalyst! With our love for pop well and truly on the cards as a result, we were overjoyed to hear of the coming together of Mcfly and Busted in the supergroup, McBusted (crap name though!). So excited were we to see these two pop-rock bands collaborating that we’ve reminisced the good old days by playing their classic hits everyday this week!

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Tom & the Catalyst team 🙂

Head of Catalyst, Demon FM


1. Orla Gartland – ‘Clueless’

Orla Gartland’s roots (no pun intended, but her EP is called Roots!) can be traced back to YouTube, when she started to play guitar and wanted to know how she sounded. Well Orla, you sound fantastic! ‘Clueless’ is a through and through pop beauty. Easy to listen to and it’ll have you singing along instantly.

2. bEEdEEgEE – ‘Flowers’

A great example of the breadth of songs we play on Catalyst, ‘Flowers’ is a love song to our 80s ancestors. Sort of euphoric, sort of not; I challenge anyone to correctly sum up what this song is like. Tune in to Catalyst to find out and decide on your description!

3. Jhene Aiko – ‘Bed Peace (feat. Childish Gambino)’

I feel in love with this song almost instantly, as a fan of Childish Gambino I stumbled across what I describe as the ‘good’ kind of pop. The song is a homage to John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s bed-in. The song is stripped down and laid back, perfect for a lay in!

4. Luminites – ‘Do Something’

Sometimes it is easy to write off bands and artists that appear on reality shows like Britain’s Got Talent or American Idol, but just like Leona Lewis Luminites prove that it is well worth the trouble. Simon Cowell favourites this pop quartet, and we here on Catalyst are sure that they’re going to quickly become everyone’s favourite pop act!

5. Sky Ferreira – ‘You’re Not the One’

Better known as a triple-threat act, please welcome actress, model and singer Sky Ferreira to the ‘Catalist’ (get it, Catalyst + playlist? We’re so punny). Representing the more raw side of pop in this week’s playlist, Sky’s new song ‘You’re Not the One’ is the kind of music that Miley Cyrus meant to make.

6. Dinner and a Suit – ‘Heartbreak’

It wouldn’t be Catalyst without a bit of indie rock in the mix, and this week we have Dinner and a Suit, and they are going to be massive. Following in the footsteps of Bastille, Imagine Dragons and Lawson, I would not be surprised if we don’t all sit down to enjoy Dinner and a Suit soon.

7. M.A.D – ‘Toyboy’

It almost upsets me to end on this song, but then it doesn’t; the newest One Direction wannabes are here! I imagine the casting call went a little like this: ‘we’re after someone who sounds like Harry Styles and looks cute but can make catchy songs.’ ‘Toyboy’ is well worth a listen, so be sure to check it out on Catalyst!

We’ve just confirmed some great interviews on Catalyst; some of which might even be artists from this week’s playlist! Be sure to tune in to Catalyst to be the first to hear them!

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