Former Kid British vocalist Adio Marchant has this week brought us the second EP of his solo project Bipolar Sunshine, as he continues to dazzle us with his unique sound and undeniable talent.

Following on from this summer’s stunning debut EP Aesthetics, the Drowning Butterflies EP begins with the single that he released in September, ‘Love More Worry Less’. The track has received major praise, not least from Radio 1’s Zane Lowe, who has continued to play Adio’s tracks on the airwaves.

The sound of the song itself is a haze of vocals and synth which, as the track progresses, slowly grows into a feel-good vibe with a strong message: “love more and worry less”. This is the mantra of the opening number, which is repeated over an up-beat drum sound and mesmerizing vocal harmonies.

After a solid start, the EP doesn’t falter as it continues with ‘Drowning Butterflies.’ In keeping with the high-tempo finish of the previous track the song, which shares its name with the EP, combines melodic drumming with impressive guitar chords, channeling the same summer vibes which made his previous EP a renowned success.

The EP’s third and final original track ‘Trouble’ once more combines synth with expert vocals, this time over a seriously catchy bass line where the repetitive chorus – “cause I know you’re trouble and I like it/I like it cause you know I’m trouble too” – allows for the song to stick in the head of the listener. There’s no doubt that Adio, even now under the moniker of Bipolar Sunshine, hasn’t lost the fine lyric-writing ability that shone through during his Kid British days.

Following this, a remix of ‘Love More Worry Less’ concludes the EP, which all in all is another sensational release from the Mancunian vocalist.

Where the Aesthetics EP fluctuated between moods – quite fitting to the name Bipolar Sunshine – his second EP points towards the more upbeat Adio. ‘Love More Worry Less’ is very much the standout track, and its positive message is clear and applicable to the EP as a whole.


LYRIC MAESTRO: Adio Marchant’s solo project Bipolar Sunshine is just a lyrically brilliant as his work in former band, Kid British. Photo (c) earmilk.com

Above all, the Drowning Butterflies EP gives Bipolar Sunshine another foot in the door, so to speak, of the music industry in which he finds himself beginning to grow in popularity. A slot at Reading and Leeds Festival in the summer has been followed by support slots for both band-of-the-moment Bastille as well as The Courteeners’ frontman Liam Fray, during his solo tour.

Now embarking on his first solo tour, it comes as no surprise that Adio’s latest EP – which was only released at the weekend – has already been regarded as being just as successful as his debut release.

It’s the unique sound of a talented musician that attracts most people to Bipolar Sunshine. You’d imagine he’ll be gaining a lot more fans off the back of both the tour and his EPs before he releases a full album; an LP that I for one cannot wait to hear.

4 stars ★

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