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It is getting to that stage in the academic year where lectures, assignments start to take their toll on students. Like many others, we here at Demon Music often find some solace in music, and this week has been no different. 

We have a wide array of genres in this week’s ‘Songs of the Week’ playlist, with some brand new tunes and golden oldies to boot, all of which are guaranteed to help you power through these difficult times!

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Nicola x

Music Editor,

1. ‘Magic’ – Coldplay

Nicola Allen (@NicoClaireAllen) says: “In the wake of their seemingly endless Mylo Xyloto world tour, it comes as no surprise that Coldplay are perhaps ready to chill out. New song ‘Magic’ – which dropped online last night – is the epitome of mellow, ditching the guitars and embracing many more electronic instruments than Coldplay have ever used previously. With an air of The XX about it, this is a delightful song to get your morning off to a gentle start, or to send your mind into a relaxed and sleepy state and the end of a tough day. Upon hearing this gem I’m certainly excited to see what their new album, entitled Ghost Stories (released May 19, 2014), will offer to an audience that are still coming down from the colourful and energetic Mylo Xyloto era.”

2. ‘If I Could Change Your Mind’ – HAIM

Nicola says: “Truth be told, I couldn’t stand HAIM when they initially arrived on the scene – probably because they were an overhyped band at the time and that usually means that a band isn’t actually that good. Yet they’ve redeemed themselves somewhat, with this slinky little lick that embraces 80s synth in the build up to the chorus and a delightful, dance-heavy video.”

3. ‘Pressure’ – The 1975

Elliot Plevin (@elliottplev) says: “The 1975 are one of my favourite bands, not to mention that they’re from Manchester which makes them more awesome! This song has a great, slow 80s vibe, mixed with modern rock and with Matthew Healy’s interesting vocals. It’s a really nice track and works well with the rest of their album.”

4. ‘UPular’ – Pogo

Elliott says: “Pogo is an interesting DJ, as he takes sounds and songs from popular media, and remixes them to create an interesting track. His songs to date includes the likes of ‘Wizard of Meh’, taking sounds from the The Wizard of Oz, and ‘Wishery’, with samples taken from Disney’s cartoon Snow White. ‘UPular’ takes sounds from UP, to create this brilliant little number. For those of you who enjoy a 3D – yes, 3D – listening experience, Pogo has also created a binaural version of the track, in which the song and its infinite samples appears to travel through your head. Listen through headphones for the optimal experience!”

5. ‘Pressure’ – Paramore

Elliott says: “I love this classic Paramore song! ‘Pressure’ was actually featured in The Sims 2 and, despite being in a made up language, was always the song that I liked to play whilst playing the game. When I discovered Paramore properly a few years later this went straight on repeat, and after rediscovering their debut album this week it is on repeat again! 

6. ’96 Quite Bitter Beings’ – CkY

Hollie Copas (@hideholliehide) says: “I’ve been feeling a bit old school this week after rediscovering my PS2 and the legendary Tony Hawk Underground 2 game! In the midst of the nostalgia, I rediscovered this gem by the bad boys of CkY which features on the game’s soundtrack. The raw, grittiness of the song evokes a mass of adrenaline, making it a brilliant gaming (and driving) tune! The band’s tracks often featured on the likes of Jackass and Viva La Bam, as prankster Bam Margera is the brother of CkY’s drummer, Jess. This is skater misbehaviour rock at its finest, and if you’ve not discovered CKY yet, it definitely isn’t too late to do so!”

7. ‘Need You Tonight’ – INXS

Hollie says: “This 80’s classic is perhaps, sadly, better known as a result of Professor Green sampling the bassline in his own song ‘I Need You Tonight’, in which he raps over this crazily addictive rhythm that the original brings to the table. The funk rhythm delivered from the bass guitar along with the staccato chords from the electric make this an infectious, disco track with a rock undertone, courtesy of Michael Hutchence’s raspy and whispering vocals. Having recently downloaded VH1’s 100 Greatest Songs of the 80’s, I’m ridiculously appreciative of the good music created then- and also pretty sad that I’m not 10 years older!”

8. ‘Good As New’ – Vacationer

Tom Elliott (@tomelliottuk) says: “The newest project from The Starting Line’s Kenny Vasoli, Vacationer, perfectly captures the sound of summer. ‘Good As New’ sounds like the sun, a cider, the beach and plenty of good times, all in just over three minutes. It really gets me in the mood for summer this year, and is definitely going to be number 1 on my summer playlist.”

9. ‘Cross My Mind’ – Twin Forks

Tom says: “I don’t listen to much Americana but when I do, I listen to Twin Forks. Twice as catchy as the Lumineers, ‘Cross My Mind’ could get anyone’s leg shaking along. You might recognise the voice as Chris Carrabba from Dashboard Confessional, but Twin Forks is a completely different project to that and should be judged on its own merits – it’s well good.”

10. ‘You Won’t Feel A Thing’ – The Script

Natalie Whitehouse (@_natwhitehouse) says: “I was reminded the other day that it’s almost been a year since I met one of my favourite bands, The Script, and was lucky enough to be barrier for a completely flawless and sensational gig *stops fangirling* …and so I’ve decided it’s only right that I dedicated this week to one of my favourite bands and reminisce! ‘You Won’t Feel A Thing’ is one of the stand outs on the Irish band’s terrific second album, Science & Faith, and is one of my favourite songs from the trio. It’s incredibly emotive, which I suppose you could label most of their collection as, however this song stands out for me purely due to the intro that makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck every time I hear it.”

11. ‘Precious Time’ – The Maccabees

Natalie says: “There’s one place that became my second home last year: Mosh. I went there pretty much every week without fail, and going that often means you get to know their playlist pretty well, with this upbeat number from the Maccabees being a Saturday night staple! It’s a real feel-good song that, for me, holds only happy memories; drunkenly singing the lyrics with my friends and generally dancing round like an idiot. You can’t be sad listening to this song!”

12. ‘Dirty Little Secret’ – The All-American Rejects

Charlotte Selby says: “After its release in 2005, ‘Dirty Little Secret’ – the second single from The All-American Rejects’ album Move Along – became the band’s first top ten track on the Billboard Top 100, peaking at #9 in January 2006. The music video for the track features a montage of various people holding up postcards bearing their “dirty little secrets” while the band perform the song in an abandoned warehouse plastered in the same cards. No matter what mood I’m in, I find it impossible to not dance and sing along to this track when I hear it.”

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