Reverend and the Makers mark tenth anniversary with hometown return to Sheffield

Last weekend Reverend and the Makers celebrated ten years in the music business by performing all four of their studio albums in full in their home city. It was a celebration not just of the band but of Sheffield and Yorkshire as a whole.

Reverend and the Makers were formed in 2004 but, following in the footsteps of fellow Sheffield band Arctic Monkeys, they released their first album in 2006. Since 2004 they have released 4 albums to mixed acclaim but in the theatre of live music there are few that equal them, this was my 5th time watching them.

A congregation of 2,000 watched as they kicked off the evening with the 4th album ’32’. Starting with the track ‘Detonator’ the crowd the crowd were treated to the first ‘banger’ of the evening.

‘Get your ska dances going’ proclaimed The Reverend as they played ‘The Devil’s Radio’. ‘’Different Trains’ the intoxicating duet performed with bassist Joe Carnall and ‘Old Enough (To Know Better)’ proved equally popular with the Rev army.

The fourth album proved popular with the fans but there was an air of anticipation for the ‘bangers’ of their third album.

After nipping off for a ‘quick fag’ Reverend and the Makers returned with one of my personal favourites:  ‘MDMazing’ and then ‘Bassline’ to which The Reverend Jon McClure proclaimed ‘nutters’ to the crowd several times.

‘Out of the Shadows’, ‘Shine a Light’ and ‘The wrestler’ proved equally popular ‘bangers’ with the mosh pit that was by now gradually increasing in size. After ending their set with the last track of the album the haunting ‘yes you do’. Reverend and the Makers had a treat in store for their fans.

They returned to play ‘Heavyweight champion of world’ as they’d ‘never played a gig without it’. They ended the weekend as they started it with the trumpet blasting frenzy of ‘Silence is Talking’. Although Jon McClure’s now customary outdoor busk was the real end to the weekend.

Reverend and the Makers may not have made a ‘great album’ in their 10 but they may have just given possibly the best live performance of their career.



Both nights were recorded for 2 live albums, priced £15 each. Available from concertlive