Clothing from Black Milk is something that we all need, or should aspire to have in our wardrobes at some point in our lives. Hailing from Australia, this is a mind-blowing brand that  constantly develops new ranges inspired by films, television and art movements, all the while swinging back to basics for seasonal holiday clothes and gym wear.


Their uniqueness is what makes them stand out. Through their huge range, they are most famous for their leggings; each pair is spectacularly designed, and I especially love the ‘Middle Earth Map Leggings’.


Compared to big companies such as Topshop, the employees at Black Milk are more personable to their audience. Through the use of social networking sites they represent themselves as quirky and fun-loving characters. Their mesmerising photo shoots really help the customer to understand how to style the outfits, and it makes you more excited about the new themed ranges. The ‘Battle of the King’ photo shoot, which was for the ‘Game of Thrones’ inspired clothes, was, in my personal opinion, the best one they have done to date. There was mystery and subtleness in the clothing that really drew me into the brand and the lookbook they created at the end was exceptional.


I would love to see them create a male clothing line as I am intrigued to see what they would design and it will bring a whole new audience into the brand.

Sadly, as we are students, this brand is a bit of a dream. But remember ladies, Christmas is just around the corner, and I know what is going on my list this year…