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Coach Igor Mirkovic with the remainder of the team from last season.

Coach of the Year three times since starting in 2001, Igor Mirkovic has a string of successes under his belt. Could he be DMU’s most successful coach?

Leading DMU Pitbulls (Women’s Basketball) to promotion two seasons in a row, Igor Mirkovic has been the unsung hero of DMU sports teams in recent years. DMU Pitbulls are now in the top midlands league which will see them face teams renowned for basketball excellence such as Worcester and Birmingham.

“We will be going up against our toughest competition since I’ve started,” said Mirkovic. “The ultimate goal is to retain our position in division one.”

Mirkovic added that this year will be tough after the Pitbulls lost their top five players he is confident that with hard work and training the team will triumph.

Last season DMU Pitbulls narrowly missed completing the league with a clean sheet, losing their penultimate league game against Leicester Uni by two baskets and placing them in a final game against Derby Uni. Hard work and determination paid off when they were promoted for the second season running.

Mirkovic not only coaches DMU Pitbulls but also DMU Griffins (Men’s Basketball) who also have a string of successes behind them. Since 2005 the Griffins have won their league on five occasions. This season the team will be pushing for promotion after a successful turn out at the taster session during sports fest.

Leicester is known in the basketball world for Leicester Raiders, the team that have two cups and a premiership title in the last two seasons.

Despite not winning in recent years, Mirkovic has won Coach of the Year at DSU’s annual Colours awards ceremony three times. He was the winner of the 2005, 2008 and 2011 award and has been nominated every year.