After being named as ‘Pantone’s Colour of the Year‘ for 2015, it seems as though the fashion world has opted for Marsala to also be the colour of choice in outfits.

Similar to ‘oxblood’, which made it’s round a few years ago, we’re seeing the rise of Marsala being the new colour trend not only in tops and dresses, but in accessories and jewellery. It’s warming yet vibrant colour means that it is a perfect colour for the Winter-to-Spring transition we’re about to start doing to our wardrobe, it’s a great colour for the daytime as well as the nighttime, meaning the versatility is something not to be ignored.


Their campaign reminds me a lot of Dolce and Gabbana’s Advertising Campaign in 2013, which was set in Italy. The earthiness of Pantone’s advertising of the colour, Marsala (named after the Sicilian Island, Marsala), parallels that of the colour, which the Executive Director for Pantone Colour Insisite, Leatrice Eiseman, describes as, a “hearty, yet stylish tone”.


Dolce and Gabbana’s 2013 Advertising Campaign

So how can we translate Pantone’s colour of the year for our upcoming Spring 2015 wardrobe that we’re planning for? It’s quite simple. As Pantone suggests, Marsala should be spotted here and there in our wardrobe, blended well with creams, navy blues, greys, blacks and whites. It will not only bring out the dusky red, but will bring that outfit to life.



H&M has proven, once again, to be a great place to find on-trend items at a reasonable price. I’ve found three pieces that are perfectly Marsala!

First of all, this playsuit, £39.99, is brilliant for it’s day-to-night style. The jacquard print has been a popular one for high end designers, including Roksanda Ilincic, and the high street versions are just as fabulous.

H&M Playsuit, £39.99.

H&M Playsuit, £39.99.

Similarly, this lace top is an incredible find. For just £29.99, it’s versatility speaks volumes, allowing you to contrast with black jeans or a leather skirt for any evening occasions.

H&M Lace Top, £29.99

H&M Lace Top, £29.99

Struggling to find any dresses in the Marsala shade to finally steer away from black? No problems. This body-hugging wrap dress, £14.99, is not only an absolute steal, but is great for any occasion where you want to feel confident and sassy like you are!


H&M Dress, £14.99


Topshop are not only known for their on-trend style, but also for their cute accessories that are perfect for any season. As we’re still in England, the weather is still going to be fairly rubbish until early May, so wrap up in a Marsala snood for just £18.


Topshop Snood, £18

If you’re not a fan of hats, look away now. This fedora (take it how you will) is a stylish way to keep the chill of your head and is perfect for the Spring season. For £25, it might be a little harsh on our small student budgets, but with Marsala being the colour of 2015, it’s not going to fade anytime soon. This means that this hat, with the slightly darker tone ribbon, will be an investment!

Topshop Fedora, £25

Topshop Fedora, £25

Since recently purchasing shoes from ASOS, I have decided to never look back. They’re comfy and affordable – two things a student loves most with fashion. However these ‘HALF TRUTH’ heels are a great buy at £45, and allows us to immerse ourselves in Marsala. (The colour, not the wine!)

ASOS Shoes, £45

ASOS Shoes, £45

Marsala is going to be a real hit this year, so it’s time to start dying your wardrobe a shade of the earthy tone as soon as possible!

If you’re getting anything Marsala-themes, let us know, using @Demonfashion!

By Anna Landi