Whether you’re new to fashion or just in need of advice then these future articles will set you and your wardrobe up with all the style basics that you’ll need to be fashionable.

As I’ve said before Men’s fashion is forever evolving and changing to coordinate with the latest trends and styles. One thing does not change, (this goes for women’s fashion as well) and that’s the basics.

Behind every recipe is a basic set of ingredients, and behind every building being built there are of course basic tools to build a general structure.  The same goes for fashion.  There are items and a set of basic guidelines which every man needs to know to be both fashionable and stylish.

Basic rules for beginners:

Fit: Perhaps the most important aspect to initially consider.  There are various fits from tailored to ultra-skinny now available throughout different items of menswear, and knowing the right fit for your body shape is key. What you need to know about fit is that the item of clothing is to enhance your silhouette, making certain items of your body more prominent than others. The last thing you want to be is swamped in material or be constrained by your clothes either.

Style:  Our interests and personalities are reflected in how we dress as well as how we act. Developing your own personal style is also important. As students it’s not always easy to maintain our own style or keep up with the latest trends due to either lack of funds or knowledge. You need to explore your options and find what suits your body shape and how you want to be perceived by others.

Planning: whenever you go shopping it is always a good idea to check what you have in your wardrobe. Sometimes we buy things which we have only worn a few times or haven’t at all, and we forget that they are there. Especially as students we don’t want to waste money buying clothes that we already have. So make a list of what you have in your wardrobe  and fi there’s things in there you haven’t worn in a long time and that you won’t wear again clear them out to make room for the basics.


To get started:

  1. Have a look in your wardrobe for those hidden treasures that you’ve forgotten you had
  2. Throw out any unwanted clothes
  3. Figure out a budget
  4. Have a look round before you buy
  5. Keep reading these articles for the latest basic necessity

These up and coming articles will explore many style basics from fit to various items of clothing every man needs in his wardrobe.  Everyone has their own personal sense of style which can be expressed through your fashion choices once you’ve mastered the basics.