Every once in a while you find yourself realizing you no longer have enough space to put that new dress you bought from asos or that denim dungaree from topshop. Or you’ll notice that you have certain items that you consistently wear and some that you no longer touch (some may still have tags). If any of those apply to you then it’s the perfect time to have a wardrobe clear out.

This is the perfect time to do this as you don’t want to carry back useless things when you go back home for the summer holidays. You also don’t want to clutter your new flat/accommodation in September with old useless clothes.

We’re not saying get rid of all the clothes you haven’t worn in a while, just those you can never wear again. We’re going to give you a guide on how to sort out what you need and don’t. The key is to be realist. Get rid of those jeans you longer fit into and the top you’ve had since year 9.

  • If you have items that are popular but you don’t need then you can make yourself some money by putting it on ebay
  • H & M are currently giving away £5 vouchers for each bag of clothing you bring to their store
  • Charity Shops – a good way to get rid of clutter whilst helping out those in need

Look out for our upcoming guide on key wardrobe items that you will be needing for interviews, lectures and freshers