Geisha’s are sometimes seen as perfection as their always dressed up and their seen as very feminine. You can also have their simple elegance with this summer’s Oriental trend. Designers such as Etro and Uniqueness have taken a lot of inspiration from the east this season. High street chains like Zara, Matalan and Topshop also followed suit to cater for those of us without a designer budget.


We’ve seen a lot of Japanese motifs, silk clothing, kaftans, kimonos and prints that feature the most colorful flowers and fish. With this trend is about wearing a floral print and blocking it with a strong color to make a stand out outfit. It’s perfect for everyday wear, interviews, weddings and dates. And with all the good weather we’ve been having, you can go to the beach and throw your oriental print kaftans over your bikini.


Rihanna was spotted wearing a kimono style suit to a premier. However this might not be everyone’s cup of tea and doesn’t always suit everyone. This is why there are also many t-shirts and blouses with oriental prints to make sure that those who are not brave enough for the suits can still wear the trend.



Try it out and be style forward this summer. Silk is also very airy so you won’t be sweating.