Being comfortable AND fashionable at Uni can sometimes be a struggle, especially with a smaller budget and the ‘glorious’ English weather.

I picked out five fashion staples that could become a helping hand at the beginning of October, as they are literally ALL you need: a hat for those ‘bad hair’ days, a warm piece of outerwear to style and layer with anything you want, versatile bottoms, something to carry all of the textbooks that you will never read, as well as comfy shoes to get you to your lectures quickly.


These essentials make perfect outfits but the best thing about them is that you can mix and match them with absolutely everything: patterns, textures, colours and accessories.

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Cardigan- H&M £29,99

Jeans- H&M £7,99

Bag- Cambridge Satchel £135

Hat- H&M £14,99

Shoes- ASOS £45


The Girls’ set is pretty plain and casual, therefore works as a blank canvas you can ‘paint’ with your personal style and creativity.

The grey cardi makes the base of the outfit- it is a trendy version of a blanket that you can put layers under and snuggle in on colder days. It even has pockets and a hood!

High ankle stretchy jeans are comfortable and look flattering on both shorter and taller girls. I went with a safe black option, but you can play with colours or even get ripped ones- anything that tickles your fancy.

A Cambridge satchel in not exactly student-friendly when it comes to the price, but it is a timeless investment piece. You can carry all of yours books and even a laptop in it, without the constant worrying that the cheap strap might snap one day. I picked a burgundy one to add a subtle hint of colour to the look.

If you have ever worn a hat like this, you would know that it’s a magical way of making any outfit look ‘on point’. No matter if you wear dresses, jeans or dungarees, this hat will always make you look like a Vogue intern.

Last but not least, a pair of black Converses- probably the most seen type of shoe on any campus. You can always rely on them as they go with everything and they will last you ages.