The season of awards, red carpets and galas has kicked off this Sunday with the Golden Globes, and we would not be calling ourselves the Fashion section, if we had not given the striking gowns and outfits worn by celebrities a recognition they deserve.

Having rounded it up to a modest top 6 (in a random order, picking the no.1 out of these would be way too much to handle, but please do try!), we’re first laying our eyes on the stunning Jessica Biel, who wore the simple Elie Saab’s creation, screaming „classic yet different” like no other. Interesting pattern, a chunky black waist belt and naturally, 3D floral elements in distinctive Saab manner. Amen to that!

Kerry Washington, on the other hand, turned to the masters of Byzantine influence, Dolce & Gabbana, ending up looking like a 21st Century egyptian goddess. Everything from the encrusted gladiator sleeves, through the tulip midi silhouette, finishing off with sheer lace in an eternal gold shade, a berry lip and glowing skin, made Kerry resemble a noble ancient princess – with a few modern twists added.

Fashion doesn’t care about age – but it values good, timeless taste. Isabelle Huppert in a stunning ice blue Armani Prive gown proved that so right, we were left speechless. The pastel shade went perfectly with Isabelle’s rusty hair colour and the beaded bodice hugged her (amazing) body with such class and grace, she even outdid Blair Waldorf’s wedding dress. Thumbs up for confidence that knows no age limit. We’re sick and tired of seeing older celebrities in potato sacks, it’s never too late to show off your beauty ladies!

Now turning to the much younger face of Hailee Steinfeld, a first time nominee and already an absolute star in our eyes. Not trying to look more mature than her ID shows, Hailee opted for the most flowy, dreamy piece Vera Wang must have sawn from butterfly wings or something equally fragile. The sheer panels and ‘cold shoulders’ add to the innocent youth that burst from this dress, and the lilac goes with Hailee’s skin so well, she should permanently switch to just that colour. A round of applause!

So vivid, so Frida Kahlo, so ornamented that Klimt would kill to paint her wearing it – Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo and Zuhair Murad’s dress created a duet so beautiful, strong and out of this world, it shall not be forgotten in the circles of fashion for a long time. Proving that black is never boring and floral patterns can be the opposite of rural and infantile, Olivia is a living work of art. We can’t stop admiring.

Last but not least is the magnificent Lily Collins, wearing once again, the praised Zuhair Murad (we chose two of his gowns by accident, but have absolutely no regrets). Lily looks so magical in the dusty rose dress and intricate floral embroidery climbing onto her chest, she could definitely star in Cinderella, if she hadn’t been Snow White before. With a blood red lip and a high bun she outdid all of the Disney princesses, and still managed to look young, fresh and natural. How? We wish we’d known the secret…

Whose gowns were you taken aback the most at this year’s Golden Globes? Or maybe there were outfits you hated with passion? Make sure to comment or tweet us @thedemondmu !