After the album signing in HMV Leicester last Friday, Fenella from DemonFM interviewed You Me At Six band members Max, Matt and Chris on the new year, the new tour and their SRA takeover on DemonFM, as well as guilty pleasure song-confessions and student food lifesavers.

Fenella with You Me At Six band members (left to right) Chris, Matt and Max. (Image from Robert Male Photography

Fenella with You Me At Six band members (left to right) Chris, Matt and Max.
(Image from Robert Male Photography

Interviewer: First of all, it’s the new year, we’ve made it into 2017, and you’ve got an exciting year haven’t you?

Max: Yeah, we’ve just released our brand new album, Night People, which came out today; it’s the first signing in Leicester right now, and I think for all of us, we’re just happy to release the record. We’ve been sitting on it now since summer, and we’ve been drip feeding songs since August really so, for us now, to release the whole body of work is an exciting time, also nerve-wracking as well, when you release a new record just to see what people feel and what you’ve made over the last two /three years of your life really.  No, we’re just excited and really happy to get back out there again.

Interviewer: So, you’ve got a tour coming up, Birmingham I believe is the closest one for us to get to (10th April).

Chris: Mhm.

Max: Yeah, at the o2 Academy.

Interviewer: At the O2, yes.

Matt: I’ll take your word for it, don’t know the exact date but sounds about right-

Max: It’s around then.

Interviewer: Around then. You’re not just touring the UK though, are you?

Max: We’re doing a lot of Europe beforehand in March, so we’re going all over, from Portugal and Spain to Germany, Austria, Switzerland – I can name them all if I wanted to, but it’s quite a long list so….

Matt: Alright, alright. (everyone laughs)

(mockingly) I can name them all if I wanted to.

Interviewer: We can make sure that everyone gets the list of places that you’re performing at…

Max: It’s going to be a busy year for us, we’ve had some time away from playing live music, minus we did a couple of shows; well we did our tour last year to kind of go “hey we’re back,” you know, but since then we’ve only played like two shows in the space of two years. So, for us it’s just nice to kind of get back out there again and play some old songs people haven’t probably heard for a long time, but also play some new ones as well.

Interviewer: For this exciting year, do you have any new year’s resolutions?

Matt: I actually haven’t really thought about it this year, because whenever I do them, I never stick to them.

Interviewer: Well, that was going to be the next question if you had any, have you stuck to them(laughs)

Matt: That’s the problem. I was like, right “eat healthier, get more normal hours of sleep…

Interviewer: But if you’re going on tour –

Matt: – Yeah that’s the thing, realistically I’m not going to eat healthier because we were in the van at 8:30 this morning and we stopped at Maccy D’s and had breakfast. Yeah, so tonight, I’ll probably get in really late and not sleep well. (murmurs of agreement from Max and Chris). Again, out the window.  How about you, have you had any?

Interviewer: Erm, I’m going to cook more.

(Agreement from all three)

Max: That’s a good one.

Matt: Nice, yeah that’s a good one.


Interviewer: I’ve made a jacket potato so far-

Chris: Nice

Matt: Wow

Max: It’s a good start to 2017, kicking it up with a hot potato-

Matt: Cheese and beans?

Interviewer: Yes.

Matt: Obviously.

Max: It’s a student classic, isn’t it?

Chris: and Supernoodles…

(everyone laughs)

Interviewer: Most definitely. You’re going to be doing our next SRA takeover –

(simultaneously) Max: Yes-

Matt: Okay-

Chris: Cool-

Interviewer: So, we’ve got that coming up on DemonFM very soon-

Matt: Nice

Max: Yeah I know you do; I was doing that…

Interviewer: Has that already been recorded now?

Max: Yeah it’s been a bit pre-recorded but there’s some good stuff in there for people who are going to listen to it, I’m sure you’ll hear some exciting tunes. It’s an hour-long kind of conversation with Josh and myself talking about music, of really what our band listens to offstage, what’s inspired our songs, to what’s a general party song for You Me At Six. There’s an elaborate taste of songs in there.

Interviewer: What would your guilty pleasure song be? If you had to pick one that’s on your playlist that you probably wouldn’t tell anyone about, but you’re going to tell me about.

Matt: Mine’s probably like Gina G or something. (everyone laughs) That, what’s it called? “ooh Ah just a little bit”

Max: Is it before 2010 yeah?

Matt: Well that’s probably like 90’s-

Interviewer: Well no, it can be anything.

Matt: Oh don’t, I was gonna say that cheerleader tune, Chewy (Chris) loved that tune. He kept playing it the whole time…

Chris: oh cheerleader, I love that song. That’s er…

Matt: (sings) Ooh I think that I found myself a cheerleader

Chris: …that was last year, wasn’t it?

Interviewer: It’s still a guilty pleasure; we’ll count it.

Chris: Yeah…

Matt: I think when Chewy would put it on and even though I’d moan about it, I think I’d secretly enjoy it.

Chris: Everything Bieber, I’d say.

Interviewer: Are you a Belieber?

Matt: Oh wow.

Interviewer: Confessions are coming out…

Max: Bit of backstreet boys would probably make an appearance, a bit of N Sync….

Interviewer: cause I like to play a lot of 5ive…

Max: That’s good,

Matt: Oh yeah, yeah

Max: We like 5ive in our camp so that’s all good.

What was that-who was it, A1 aswell? That was the other one, the boyband…

Matt: A1 yeah.

Max: yeah, (sings) Stay now, stay now…that wasn’t them, was it? (it was actually East 17)

Matt: (laughs)

Interviewer: (laughs) Well, thank you very much for your time-

Matt and Max: No worries-

Interviewer: -and everyone can look forward to your takeover on DemonFM later on-

Max: Yeah-

Matt: Lovely stuff-

Interviewer: Thank you-

All three: Thank you

Fenella’s interview with the guys will be played out on the DemonFM show “Rewind” on Wednesday, which is on air from 10am-12pm; You Me At Six’s SRA takeover will be on straight after, from 12pm-1pm (107.5FM) Make sure you tune in!