After THAT Golden Globes kiss, you know which one, the one where Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield lip locked during Ryan Gosling’s acceptance, many questions were raised after both actors gave interviews about Spiderman and Deadpool’s sexuality. Both actors expressed their desire for diversity in upcoming superhero films, suggesting that both Spiderman and Deadpool should, and could have boyfriends. Of course, there is a fear that the execution of this would alienate audiences who are adverse to this but what does it ultimately mean for comic book movies?

Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield shared a joke kiss during Ryan Gosling's Golden Globe acceptance

Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield shared a joke kiss as Ryan’s wife, Blake Lively joined in with the laughter

Shooting his Golden Globes cover, Ryan Reynolds spoke to Variety last week about his desire for a male partner for Deadpool, he suggested that the pansexual hero be given a boyfriend for Deadpool 2. Deadpool has excelled at breaking boundaries (and fourth walls) so why not break a socially perceived boundary? Ryan who put the offer on the table was not counting out Wade’s relationship with Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) but suggesting that as a pansexual character, his love for her is transcendent of her gender. And even if the writers and producers decide not to incorporate a male love interest for Deadpool, they could still explore his pansexuality with flirting and subtle hints. A superhero movie being nominated for a Golden Globe is breaking a boundary in itself, let alone an R-Rated one full of violence and profanity, so why can’t it continue its streak?

Andrew Garfield shot the question out there in an interview after an interesting conversation with Matt Tolmach in which he suggested that Peter Parker be bisexual. He suggested that Peter could date both Mary Jane and an unknown male character; in his own words he asked, “Why can’t he be gay? Why can’t he be into boys?” Garfield mused that it would hardly be groundbreaking and the representation would be incredibly effective for those of the LGBT community.

Garfield previously spoke out about his Spiderman role in 2015 in which he revealed his disappoint with his own portrayal of the web slinger and his failure at adding depth and soul to the character. Personally, I think Andrew is too hard on himself as his interpretation of Peter was one of my favourite iterations, perhaps Andrew could give himself a second chance as a character in Deadpool? Ryan Reynolds liked two pictures on his Twitter profile @VancityReynolds about Spideypool, so we’re pretty sure he’d be down with it.

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