You Me at Six kicked off 2017 in style – at midday Friday, to be exact, with an album signing in HMV Leicester on Friday 6 January, the day of their album release, Night People.

They step away from their usual sound, waving goodbye to their roots with this album, which is a lot more mellow, and mature – quite fitting since the band is 10 years old this year. Although many fans are sad not to hear similar songs to the old ones, they are really on board with the new material the band has been working on.

The early birds queueing (Image by Robert Male photography)

The early birds queueing (Image by Robert Male photography)

Over 80 of the band’s fans were queueing up outside, eagerly awaiting to meet the stars – some had been waiting since 9am.

Walking away from the signing table, the fans were seen to be very happy, with a few almost in tears.

After getting her album signed, Phoebe, 16, said: “I’m so excited, my hands are shaking. I’m so happy though, they were very down to Earth. They were only meant to sign one thing, but they signed my phone as well as.”

20-year-old Ben described meeting the first band he ever saw live as “honestly incredible”, adding “and they’re northerners as well, which is great.”

Wimg_8634hilst most fans knew about the event for a while, some only found out on the day; Alia, 16 said: “I only heard about this an hour ago; meeting them was nerve-wracking, I think I’m still in shock.”

Tamara, 21, and Abbie, 20, said: “The signing was great, we were really nervous but they were really nice; they do so much for their fans.”

The band were seen taking selfies with fans, pulling

Taking selfies. (Image by Robert Male Photography)

Taking selfies.
(Image by Robert Male Photography)

various funny faces, as well as chatting with overjoyed fans.

The UK leg of the ‘Night People’ tour begins in Manchester on 2nd April, and goes to London, Birmingham – you wouldn’t want to miss out!

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