What do you both do in the band? 

Nile – I just do the P.R. and dish out the towels, I’m joking I sing, play guitar and do a bit of song writing.

Brogan – I play bass and do bass things and contribute to song writing, we all do, someone brings in a rough idea and plants the seed (usually Nile) and then everyone else waters the seed. We all sprinkle our ideas over the top and it eventually grows into a full track.

What do you guys like most about your latest EP release, What You See

Nile – This was our first release on vinyl as a band which is sick, it has been nice to see a resurgence of that old trend really, we’re also looking forward to our new music.

What are your plans as a band for the future? 

Brogan – We’ve just been recording a new EP.

Nile – At the end of the summer we went back into the studio and got a new EP recorded which will be released at some point next year.

Brogan – That is the first EP I’ve fully been a part of with the band as I am the newest member.

Nile – Yes Brogan has played a key part in the development of the new EP ready to be released. We’re hoping to be even busier with gigs, also people can expect to see more things online from us like sessions and up and coming projects. Earlier on this year we had a bit of downtime where we were figuring out where we wanted to take things as a band and now things feel like they are locking into place ready for next year where we will be throwing ourselves into the open more, we have lots of stuff we want to get out and hopefully it will be as well received as our old works, it really helps when you have a crowd that are so on board with your ideas.

Brogan – I was actually in the crowd last year so I feel I have seen this band from both perspectives.