The figures show De Montfort Students’ Union has risen from a 73% to 75% satisfaction rating, our first shift in two years, going against the national trend.

DSU President, Adil Waraich has expressed his delight at the result: “We are pleased to see that our members rate us better as a whole than the previous year and I encourage others to continue getting involved to reap the benefits of being part of the students’ union.

“I am motivated to take direction to yield yet better results through continual improvement. I welcome constructive criticism on how this can be done.”


In a year which saw DSU have an increase of £250,000 in its block grant, which has a significant impact on our performance, DSU welcomes the positive news and the impact this has had.

DSU scored highest with European Union and international students and also students with disabilities.

The national sector average for students’ unions has remained at 68%.

For the last two years DSU has remained at 73%, but this year’s increase we expected said Adil: “It’s been a fantastic year for us and I’ve been saying an increase is inevitable.

“An important NSS score is a by-product of a better union.

“By no means do we focus on these stats, we focus on sticking to our values of an accessible, active union that represents and stands up for its members all the while, providing a fun and enjoyable experience through events, clubs, media and so on.”


The result also brings positive news for De Montfort University, who have improved 1% from 85% to 86%, a rise in line with the sector average.

The next few years are exciting times for DMU and DSU with the campus redevelopments which includes a revamp for DSU in the Campus Centre, with improved space for sports and societies, with a more modern and inviting building.

DSU prides itself and will continue to pride itself on providing fun and engaging employability opportunities for students at DMU, making their university experience exceptional.


Posted by Adam Redfern

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