financial anxietyOh yeah… I’m right there with you guys. It seems to me that money is well and truly at the heart of University life, the most anxious students being those that still have yet to receive their financial support. The future is uncertain, and some of you are miles from home and panicking because your money has been delayed.

STOP! – You really have no need to worry. You aren’t alone.

Thousands of students are in the same boat as us (mine has been delayed another two weeks), especially those who obtained their place through clearing. That feeling that even though you are at University and attending lectures, you don’t want to enjoy it in case your finances don’t come and your dreams are stripped from you? That feeling sucks, I know.

My anxiety over money got so bad that I started to think about selling my belongings to a pawn shop in order to pay my transport costs. Then what? My finances come in and I blow most of it replacing the items I sold? No. I called the Student Welfare Team here at DMU, and they gave me some great advice.

I’ll say it again, you are NOT alone.

Financial anxiety is suffered by around 25% of students, with nearly 80% of those leaving their studies within three months. All because their anxieties grew too strong for them to overcome.

I know, right?

It saddens me that there are so many people out there whose potential will never be realized due to anxiety. We’ve all been in their shoes at some point or another. You remember, right? That night you couldn’t sleep because you couldn’t stop worrying? Sufferers of anxiety experience that three or four times per week. Trust me, it’s exhausting!

Think about it, we are strong enough to have fought our anxieties in order to be here at university. How about we remain strong enough to get through the next couple of weeks without giving up?

Make that step. Call the gateway. I did, and I’m still here. Anxiety won’t beat me this time, and I’m not about to let it beat you either.

Until next time, friends.