I was told last week that the 4th week is meant to be the hardest week so far – you realise you have to start doing real work and fresher’s week is just a distant memory. But I’m on series 3 of Breaking Bad now so life’s not too bad.

We’ve had our first kitchen inspection this week, and of course, we failed. The dilemma that faces my flat this week is where we put the trolley that currently sits in our kitchen which the cleaner wasn’t too happy about. We’re all far too lazy to take the trolley back to where it came from so now I’m working out measurements to try and manoeuvre the trolley into the boiler room – problem solved.

I’ve been living in halls for over a month now and I knew before I moved in that food poisoning would be inevitable at some point this year because, well, let’s face it, I’m no Gordon Ramsey and I know I’m not alone when I say that. I do enjoy cooking, and have genuinely liked cooking my meals every night but last Friday when I was in a rush to get to work, I managed to eat over half of my meal before discovering I was eating, near enough, raw chicken strips (who knew they weren’t pre-cooked?!) After 5 minutes of googling how long it takes for food poisoning to take effect, the symptoms of food poising and should I get to A+E before it’s too late, I realised I had about a day of patiently waiting for the hideous consequences of my actions. Which just so happened to be enough time to go to both my shifts at work – joy.

Last week I was one of the lucky few to be working in the Highcross student night. I know I am quite lucky to have a job as soon as I started uni but Tuesday night was an experience like no other. I’d never been to a student night at a shopping centre before so really didn’t know what to expect. I couldn’t help thinking that, as a first year, I should have really been shopping and not working but looking back, I’m glad I had the comforts of a stockroom to run back to when I needed to stop to breathe.

After the student night I’ve realised the desperation in student’s eyes when telling themselves they’re allowed to buy those items because there was discount. We’re all guilty of overspending, first year to third. I’ve only had my first instalment of my student loan through so I don’t really know how long it’ll last me yet so I keep on just telling myself that I’m sure it’ll be fine, the overdraft is there just in case. I think the staff in the reception of my halls are getting concerned because every day I go and collect my deliveries which are never from Amazon and book sized, they’re always Asos, missguided and of the larger persuasion.

I’m in my 4th week now and I’m starting to get the feel for my lectures and seminars, and although you don’t know everyone all that well and maybe you haven’t even had a conversation with everyone yet, you do start to see what everyone’s like. Having spoken to my flatmates, there’s definitely some types of people that will always be in every seminar

  1. The one who loves the sound of their own voice. There will always be someone that believes they’re taking one for the team and answering every single question that’s asked because if they don’t, who will?
  2. The attractive one. That person that you so badly want to do a presentation with or if you’re socially inept, really do not.
  3. The one that always has something to say about the night before. You’ve never actually met them when they’re not hungover, and they always want to tell you all the dumb stuff they did the night before – we’ve all been this person at some point.
  4. The one that never highlights the reading. Also known as the one that you question why they’re even here because so far you haven’t seen them show any interest, and when they do say something, you feel a little shocked because you didn’t think that’s what their voice would sound like.
  5. The one that you adopt and vice versa. On that first ever seminar you sat down next to each other, shared eye contact for a moment and from them on you sit with them in everything – the classic story of first year friendship.

Final thought – I know we’re not in America but I’m seriously disappointed that the lyric in Asher Roth’s I Love College ‘Pass out at 3, wake up at 10, go out to eat then do it again’ isn’t even a little bit true.