So here we are, back with another round up of the award ceremonies. This week we’re at the BAFTAS, checking out six of the most stylish, smooth and sharp men on the red carpet. Without further a do, let’s dive in.



Tinie Tempah never shies away from being a little more eccentric than the rest of the crowd. Pictured here in a sharp blue velvet blazer with black lapels by none other than the British powerhouse, Burberry. Tinie, we salute your fashion credibility.



Not only did he take home best actor for 12 Years a Slave, but he also turned out to be one of the best dressed men of the night. His slick blue suit by Brit label Mr Start and navy bowtie, Ejiofor shows us that tailoring isn’t just for the skinnier gentleman of this world. This, my fashion friends, is how a suit should fit a man.



Praise the lord! Brad Pitt has found himself a razor this season. With Mr Pitt it’s all in the details. The shaved sides, sharp tux, the way the bow tie perches on his neck. It’s an ideal contrast to Angelina’s open shirt. These two were walking sex bombs and they knew it.



DiCaprio didn’t fail to please us at the Golden Globes, nor has he failed at the BAFTAS. Looking as suave as ever, with a classic black tux complimented by satin lapels and a smooth slicked back hair do.


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Just like Leo, Bradley never ceases to amaze on the carpet. Perhaps as a reference to his role in American Hustle, the 70’s inspired outfit consisted of a suave midnight blue Alexander McQueen suit with slim black contrasting lapels and patent brogues.



I’m a sucker for a bit of Gandy. He probably shouldn’t be on this list at all, but I’m such a fan that I think I’m allowed to have this little shout-out. Practically a menswear icon, this classy gent rocked up to the red carpet dressed in a classic tux. What can I say? He has the handkerchief, the waistcoat, the perfectly perched bow tie. It’s basically the face of all things style and all things gent.

So that’s your round up of this years best dressed men at the BAFTAS. Clearly Cooper and DiCaprio have a knack for getting it spot on for each award season. But it’s nice to see a few stand out outfits this year. Tinie Tempah and Chiwitel Ejiofor’s dapper numbers have proven that it is indeed possible to break the mould of consistent tuxedos at an award ceremony. And of course, there’s Brad Pitt’s finally shaven sides, which is a welcome change as well. Finally, there’s David Gandy. That is all.