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This week I’d like to offer an additional hello to this year’s DMU Freshers – Welcome to Leicester and to De Montfort University!

So here we are again; it’s FRESHERS’ TIME! Yes, one week of partying, drinking and making new friends before the hardcore studying starts! With a mass of different night-time events going on during the aptly named Freshfest ’13, we on the Demon Music team thought it only right to conjure up a Freshers’ Mixtape as this week’s Monday Playlist, to help get you in the mood as you get ready to go out!

Elsewhere on Demon Music this week, we have posted two excellent live music reviews. Harry Dean treated us to a report of the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis show at Birmingham’s O2 Academy, whilst Hollie Copas relaid the events at The 1975’s HMV Institute show in Brum last week. We also made up our own Mercury Prize shortlist this week, to compensate for the poor list offered by this year’s prize. This week’s content promises to be equally as interesting as Natalie Whitehouse discusses why the Battleborn era of The Killers was their best yet, and we also look back on the month of September in the music scene with Harry, during his September Music Highlights.

Meanwhile – back in the real world – our physical counterpart The Demon was relaunched this week . Be sure to pick up a copy from one of the stands around campus!

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1.’Get Lucky feat. Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers’ – Daft Punk

Alex Underwood (@broadcasteralex) says: “A highly catchy song that is endlessly reminiscent of 70s disco, mainly due to co-writer Nile Rodgers (of Chic and Glastonbury 2013 fame). For the dancing-inclined, this is a floor filler, and a modern classic.”

2.’Miss You’ – The Rolling Stones

Alex says: “Although principally a blues-rock band, in the late 70s Mick Jagger steered them towards the creation of the best disco song of the era. Similar to ‘Get Lucky’, it is very catchy and has an incredibly infectious riff; one that will be stuck in your head for days afterwards.”

3.’Insomnia’ – Faithless

Rachael Scarsbrook (@andthe_machine) says: “There’s not a lot of ‘proper’ dance music that can make me get up or move me in any kind of way, but the recognisable synth power line is impossible to resist. Maxxie Jazz may be older than my grandad, but he probably raves harder than anyone else in the world.”

4.’Mr. Brightside’ – The Killers

Natalie Whitehouse (@_natbcfc) says: “It’s the song that started it all for the Las Vegas quartet, and anyone who has ever been on a night out with me will know how much of an embarrassment I am when this song comes on. I scream the lyrics at the top of my lungs and dance around like a bit of a maniac: but this track is such a classic that it deserves such a reaction!”

5.’Internet Friends’ – Knife Party

Harry Dean (@harrydeansays) says: “This is a great club tune. If you don’t know it by the title I can guarantee you’ll have heard it in a club. This is major tune with the dirty dubstep bass that’d you’d expect from Knife Party. People nationwide have been seen dancing and moshing to this song, and Leicester is no different!”

6.’Hot Right Now feat. Rita Ora’ – DJ Fresh

Harry says: “This is the perfect, upbeat dance track to get everyone up dancing. Incredible beats are played out by DJ Fresh, and are perfectly mixed with the impeccable vocals of Rita Ora. What are you waiting for? Get on the dance floor now!”

7.’212 feat. Lazy Jay’ – Azealia Banks

Hollie Copas (@holc93) says: “Making her mark in reviving the female rap scene, Azealia’s hip-hop/electro house debut was played in all places, and continues to be played as much as it was when initially released. As a firm club favourite, it is most definitely a song that you’ll know, and one that you’ll love to get down to. With heavy drum-like bass and lyrics that are sharp enough to literally stick in your brain, this is one tune that you won’t be getting out of your head!”

8.’99 Problems’ – Jay-Z

Nicola Allen (@NicoClaireAllen) says: “Jay-Z is widely considered as royalty in the hip-hop world, and ’99 Problems’ is one of the most polished crown jewels in his discography. With an insane ear worm of an instrumental, this track is incredible live and was definitely one of my favourites during his Coldplay-supporting set at Wembley back in 2009. Many in the club will try and rap the verses, but if they aren’t quite good enough, they’ll certainly succeed in throwing their hand-diamonds in the air during the chorus: ‘I got 99 problems but a b*tch ain’t one! Hit me!'”

9.’Hi Friend! feat. MC Flipside’ – Deadmau5

Nicola says: “As this playlist is relatively current I wanted to include something a little out of the box; hence my selection of helmet-wearing DJ, Deadmau5. Anyone who wears a variety of illuminated ‘Mau5-heads’ is a winner in my book, and anyone who can produce incredible licks whilst wearing one is even more of a winner. ‘Hi Friend!’ is one of Deadmau5’s lesser-known tracks in comparison to the likes of ‘Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff feat. Rob Swire’, but is no less catchy. The repetitive techno-sound in this is guaranteed to be in your head the morning after the night before, regardless of how many Jagerbombs you downed throughout the night.”

10.’It’s Like That’ – Run DMC vs. Jason Nevins

Nicola says: “As, arguably, one of the biggest tracks of our childhood it would have been wrong not to include this in the Freshers’ Mixtape. Globally known for its boys vs. girls dance-off music video, many club-goers use this track as an opportunity to remake said dance-off with only the very best of the moves in their repertoire. Whilst some bust a move, others prefer to bust a rhyme as they rap along to Rev Run and Co whilst at the bar: ‘It’s like that, and that’s the way it is… HUH!'”

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