For regular Radio 1 listeners and up and coming music fans a plenty, the loss of Zane Lowe’s Monday to Thursday, 7-9pm, 11 year old show, will be gravely missed. However for just as adequate music fans, a replacement has been acquired in the form of Irish DJ, Annie Mac. Having appeared at festivals up and down the country and releasing music left, right and centre, this well-established name she’s maintained has left Lowe fans at ease at the idea of his replacement. As Mac has previously dabbled in the world of Television Presenting and being an all-round confident figure in the music industry, it’s pretty easy to assume that she’ll be up for the challenge.

However, bands such as Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys, Jamie T and Foals will miss the help from Zane Lowe and showed this amongst their gratitude through their “#thankszane” inspired tweets; leaving young One Direction fans heartbroken, believing their favourite member was leaving the band.

Mac’s first show was aired on Monday 9th March- kick-started with ‘Giant Peach’ by, relatively, newcomers Wolf Alice- immediately following a similar pattern to Lowe with his sheer adoration and appreciation of smaller bands. Despite playing Mumford and Sons’ new track ‘Believe’ twice, a seemingly fatal error for any track- let alone a Mumford and Sons one, it seems like her show went down well.

Although Zane Lowe will never be replaced in the eyes of radio DJ’s and listeners everywhere, it’s clear to say that Annie Mac is doing a good job of keeping his spot warm until he, hopefully for some, one day returns.