Stonebaked Pizza CompanyAs a DMU student who loves his food, and knows the importance of meeting up with your friends weekly, I know that the temptation is to go and eat at McDonalds, Burger King or KFC for a meal out. However there are other alternatives to these student haunts scattered close buy in our city of Leicester. I am going to recommend five alternate places that you can eat out at in Leicester that aren’t just another KFC or McDonalds and don’t cost a fortune either.

(All prices, times and info was correct at the time it was written)

  1. The High Cross

My first recommendation is The High Cross; this is a pub at the heart of Leicester and only a 13 minute walk from the centre of DMU. The pub is situated just outside the Highcross shopping centre so it’s an easy walk to many of the clubs and the cinema. As the establishment is a Wetherspoon pub, you know the food will be pretty decent, with prices for meals ranging in the £5/£7 area. Which if you compare food quality with that of McDonalds, the slight price difference is nothing, especially when Wetherspoons regular meal deals are factored into the price and the fact that they serve fairly well priced alcohol too!


  1. Handmade Burger Co.

Number two on my list is the Handmade Burger Co., an establishment that also has many franchises throughout the UK. This expansion is probably because of the 40 varieties of burgers that the establishment boast, along with the up to 30% discounts* on burgers for students who have a valid student I.D. on them! Prices start at around £6.45 (without the discount) and to as low as £1.94 with the discount added on! Beat that McDonalds! Closure times are fairly decent too, with Monday to Thursday, Sun the establishment closing at 10.30pm and Friday and Saturday the establishment closes at 11pm, giving you plenty of time to get from its central Highcross location to the clubs.

*Mondays from 3pm



  1. The Font

The third on my list is The Font, a DMU local eatery. I say local because The Font is 2 minutes away from the centre of DMU, located on Gateway Street. So if its location from DMU your looking for, as you want to head to the fantastic Injunction nights at the students union afterwards, The Font is hard to beat. Food ranging from £4 upwards, makes The Font a very cheap eat, however the food offered is a step above the rest, with pulled pork sandwiches for a fiver and handmade fish and chips for £6.50, you won’t be made broke by eating at The Font. As far as times go, The Font stops serving at 7pm which is a little early for some. However for the university vibe and for a place with character and cheap well made food, The Font is hard to beat!


  1. Phoenix Cinema Café Bar

A bit of a cinema lover? Fancy taking your date on a cultural experience? Our very own Phoenix Cinema has a bar open until 9pm weekdays, offering homemade burgers for as little as £6.95. This should be a must for the cinema aficionados, students on dates and people who just want something more than a night of £4 popcorn and £2 drinks from the bigger cinema chains. I mean the Phoenix even allows you to bring alcoholic beverages into the screenings at no extra cost. As a meet and eat place the Phoenix Cinema is something of an untapped resource when it comes to students, with it only being 3mins from the Curve, making it a great place to relax when you have just come back from your Saturday night matinee!


  1. Stonebaked Pizza Co

Fancy a pizza in 3 minutes for only around £5? Well Stonebaked Pizza Co. offers this and a great location inside Highcross. The establishment stays open until around 8pm most days offering handmade, thin, crispy pizzas, with ether a set topping or a topping of your choosing. This pizzeria is great if you have come back from the cinema and hunger for something more than popcorn, or for those who have exhausted themselves shopping and want a cheap, quality pizza in record time!