Amie ChapmanAmongst the currents of information that we’ve found ourselves, it makes sense to struggle against them in search for a less choppy stretch of water. Perhaps your motivations in joining DMU differ from mine, but I think we’d agree we didn’t come here to struggle.

One person who definitely agrees is Amie Chapman. Graduating with a first and now holding one of the most prestigious positions a new graduate can have at DMU, things are going pretty well. That hasn’t always been the case, and, surprisingly approachable, Amie has a blueprint in the form of a four-point plan that she has been kind enough to share with us.


‘On principle, I save wherever I can.’  We share a chuckle at the satisfaction of a good bargain. Sidestepping the price tag of core textbooks, she refers us to Gumtree, Amazon, E-bay and the deals that are available when packaging books together in the DMU book shop. Bargains are to be had on subject-specific Facebook pages in finding second and third years selling their old books. DMU and the DSU also have their own page.

Peeved at paying convenience store prices for your groceries?

‘Get your bartering skills on and go to Leicester market.’

Student Representation

We discuss the course-rep opportunities that have just came up, Amie can’t speak highly enough of student/staff engagement. ‘If you are part of a big course, why not have a team? Have a team of ten course reps!’ DSU trains all course reps to get the student message across, and I am assured that faculty welcome opportunities to improve their subject.


Amie reflects on failing an exam and being pulled up for bad academic practise; ‘It has been a bumpy journey, but I’ve got through it and it starts with asking for help.’ When asked what preparations she put in place to succeed, Amie instantly responds, ‘I had a fantastic personal tutor’. The first port of call should always be your personal tutor. As a result of student representation, there is a minimum requirement policy for PTs; they’re there to help! CLASS (Centre of Learning And Study Support) offer specialist one on one support. Each faculty has a Disability Officer, if you suspect you may need additional support.


Lest we forget, we are here to enjoy ourselves. Amie advises you ask yourself the question ‘Am I a pub or a nightclub person?’ Establish whether you function better in larger or smaller groups, and pursue the options accordingly. Plenty of group experiences are available by clicking on Amie tells me she’s a pub person, finding her lane by volunteering and is still friends with the girl she mentored back in her first year. DMU has over 300 business links within the city centre; use this time to get one step ahead.