By now you will have all probably heard, seen or be a die-hard fan of 18-year-old New Zealander Ella Yelich-O’Connor, aka Lorde. Whether you bought her incredible debut album ‘Pure Heroine’ but for the new Lorde fans among you, I have compiled this handy list as to exactly why Lorde is so hot right now.

  1. She has curated the entire soundtrack for ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1’ and has managed to bag some of the worlds greatest musicians alive right now to contribute including actual Kanye West. The most impressive collab on the soundtrack has to be Lorde’s track with Pusha T, Q Tip, Stromae and Haim which you can listen to here:
  2. Lorde can cover any song put in front of her. On her recent trip to BBC Radio 1, Lorde entered the Live Lounge and covered ‘Don’t Tell ‘Em’ by Jeremih, hardly a song you’d associate with Lorde but once again she has silenced the doubters with probably the best Live Lounge cover of the year. Listen here:
  3. She’s an amazing role model. Female artists are frequently pitted against each other for cheap hits on gossip websites but Lorde rises above that and fully supports her sisters from other misters. In addition to showing young girls that we are not all in competition with each other, Lorde is a vocal feminist and has contributed to the Rookie Yearbook (a book and website to help young feminists). In the last 24 hours Lorde has also jumped to the defence of Kim Kardashian’s photo-shoot proving that Lorde might just be the nicest lady in music. She also brought megastar DJ Diplo down a few pegs for his unwarranted criticism of Taylor Swift which further proves why having Lorde in your life can never be a bad thing.
  4. Her clothing and fashion sense is out of this world. Whether she’s suited and booted for premieres or just out and about, Lorde never seems to look anything but dapper and confident and can provide us all with the important message that loving your body and being body positive is something that shows on the outside just as much as it does on the inside.
  5. She’s only 18 years-old!!! Way to make us feel inadequate, but on a serious note, Lorde is showing talent that even the most seasoned popstars would die to have which makes me very excited about what the future holds for young Lorde as she powers through the world of music when she’s only released one album.