DANIELLE_HAIM3I love the Haim girls, there is something about their presence on stage that is infectious and extremely fun, which mimics their style.

While all the Californian sisters all have great style that meshes well collectively, individually, they have a certain something within their personal styles that is better than a lot of others out there.


Danielle Haim, lead singer of the band and middle child, is probably my favourite within the band for her style. Her androgynous, laid back, Acne Studio loving style is something that I’ve admired since I first heard of Haim.


In conversation with Emily, the features editor, recently, I told her how much I admired Danielle’s style and how simple yet effective it is. I can’t wait to refresh my wardrobe after being inspired by Danielle’s style of leather jackets, ankle boots and skinny jeans.