KATE1In my eyes, Kate Bosworth has always been a bit underrated. She is not only a great actress with a large range of film genre for many, many years, but is an incredibly beautiful and iconic woman with a brilliant taste in style.

Since her early days (anyone remember Blue Crush? I still love that film!) Kate has always been a beachy, boho babe with a uniqueness in her overall look, mixing denims, leather, lace and florals with edgy heels, boots or lipsticks.

If you hadn’t already notice, a unique thing that Kate is quite well known for is her two different colour eyes; something that makes her stand out from the crowd and gives her that extra individual touch that we just LOVE about her!


Her mix of patterns, cuts and textures makes her style a lot more versatile and interchangeable within the seasons, allowing Kate to fit in within trends but as she puts her unique twists on her outfits, she’s always a cut above others.


Kate is skilled in mixing her style up from classic casuals to fitting formals, and makes her red carpet looks a lot more interesting than just the usual gowns and dresses with different shapes and patterns. Her MET Ball gown in the second image below is one of my personal Kate Bosworth style favourites!


We love your style, Kate!