autumn-warmth-keepersDuring this time of year, I feel all we can think of is how to avoid getting cold. I’ve personally always struggled to keep myself warm AND stay even a little bit fashionable. However, over the past years, I’ve been putting more effort into my Autumn wardrobe and I’ve finally managed to combine fashion with comfort and warmth.

My absolute number one fashion essential during gloomy, windy days is a big blanket-scarf. Something chunky to wrap around you when the wind is high but the temperature is not. It’s perfect for when it’s still not cold enough to wear millions of layers but it’s not warm enough to have none. It adds warmth and looks effortlessly well. My go-to shop when it comes to scarves is Zara. They mastered to absolute perfection – always fashionable and for quite reasonable prices. It’s a yes from me!

Another essential I never leave the house without during Autumn are boots. I know we all want to be positive and hope for a trainer weather but let’s be real, it is going to rain during the upcoming months and the temperature is dropping already. In order to keep my feet warm and dry, I always go for ankle boots. Classic black leather ones are the obvious choice, they look good on everyone and they go with absolutely everything. You can be sure they will never ever go out of fashion. I didn’t want to splurge on my boots this year because they are most likely going to get ruined, so I opted for a slightly more affordable option. I found what I thought to be a perfect pair in New Look and, God was I surprised, they were indeed perfect! I would have never expected them to be this comfortable for only £20 but they feel so good on my feet I never want to take them off.

My final Autumn fashion essential might surprise some of you, but I still love oversized denim jackets in October – oversized being the key word here. I know that’s probably not a piece of clothing you immediately think of when you want to keep warm. However, I found that if I don’t want to put my winter coat on just yet, all I have to do is layer up and an oversized denim jacket works perfectly, worn over jumpers or hoodies. It’s an amazing transition piece when you know it’s definitely not summer anymore but it’s not freezing just yet. It is dead easy to style, looks cool and casual. My shop recommendation would be Pull&Bear (you can find it on Asos). They have unique designs, great quality and, most importantly, they’re budget friendly! However, if you are looking for something more accessible or are not too keen on online shopping, Primark always has a few denim jackets to choose from, like this cute grey one with embroidery details.

Shopping List: Click the links below.

Beige scarf – Zara

Chelsea boots – New Look

Checkered scarf – Zara

Denim jacket – Primark