Richard Gere spices things up in 'The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel'

Richard Gere spices things up in ‘The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’






The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel made a bold move with its title considering the reputation of sequels, but has it pulled it off? I’m not totally convinced. The film sees the return of the 2011 elderly A-listers who came to the hotel to spend their golden years of retirement in India. The returning character Sonny (Dev Patel) wants to expand the hotel into a second building but an inspector has to check the state of the original hotel. So when a classically good looking elderly man called Guy (Richard Gere) turns up, this sends Sonny and the rest of guests into over drive.

The casting of Richard Gere is perfect here as he leads the female guests hormones to go all over the place. His role as the eye candy in this pensioners hotel is only natural progression of his earlier roles as the leading man. He’s the silver bullet that’s able to weaken the knees of an older generation faster than you can spell menopause. The return of previous story lines in the film acquires to a nostalgic British sitcom genre. The kind that’s not particularly special but seems to grow on you over time. It’s a ridiculous but likeable film that focuses on intricate details of growing old.

Many other features stick out, Maggie’s Smith cockney accent is still rather hard to get your head around but her mere presence in the film fills the plot with elegance and grace. This group of British acting royalty are really what carries the film and makes it so likeable.  The script switches between the characters lives fairly quickly not spending much time on any of them which is a shame as the characters are so loveable. The film could have easily become chaotic and busy if it hadn’t been for the excellent delivery from all on screen.

This film is exactly what it says on the tin “The second best’ but if you loved the original you will love this one; it’s simply what it was before, your just getting more of the same. Which is exactly what the audience wanted.