No one likes being ill and no one goes out of their way to get sick but sometimes it just can’t be helped. If you interact with, say, 20 people a day, and they interact with a different 20 people and they with another 20 people and so on, you’re indirectly interacting with probably thousands of people every day. That can only mean one thing my friends… GERMS! Spreading germs and illnesses is inevitable at Uni- yes that means that you’re probably going to feel poorly and sorry for yourselves at some point. Have you ever had or heard of Fresher flu? Of course you have. But do not fear students of the world, here are a few tips which can help keep those pesky illnesses at bay!



Keep your distance:

It may sound slightly ridiculous and completely obvious but you should try and keep away from those who are unwell. Some of the most common viruses going around Uni are air born and could be spread just by someone sneezing next to you. Now I’m not suggesting you become paranoid of anyone touching you or breathing on you, but it’s probably best to avoid sitting next to the guy in the lecture who is surrounded by snotty tissues and coughing all over the place.



Eat healthily:

Ditch those doughnuts and step away from the pot noodle! Fruit and Vegetables are your friends. They are full of vitamins and minerals needed to make your body feel good and eating healthily can help your immune system fight off illness.

You don’t have to be a michelin star chef to cook yourself up a tasty, yet healthy meal. And, if you wanted to (and your student loan could stretch to it), you could eat out a restaurant. There are plenty of places which do student discount as well for that added bonus!




If you are sporty or are planning to join a sport society then you are probably going to do a sufficient amount of exercising, but there are those of us who don’t get nearly enough exercise.

It’s not all about putting in hours in the gym to keep you fit and healthy- small changes to your daily routine can make a difference too. Why not try swapping public transport for walking, and taking the stairs rather than the lift on the way to class.

You know what they say, “a healthy body makes for a healthy mind.” Why not give it a try?




It is so easy to get to Uni and lose your sleep pattern completely. What, with all the parties and events going on around campus it is easy to stay up all night and sleep all day, but sleep is actually really important in keeping your body healthy.

You should aim to be getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night!




Hygiene is super important in maintaining a healthy body and I’m not just talking the personal kind. Of course making sure you shower regularly (once a week won’t quite cut it guys) and looking after your personal hygiene is important, but it is equally important to make sure your environment is hygienic too. Yes that might even mean having to do some cleaning around your room/living environment, but it’s better to live in a clean home that to live in a dirty one. Oh, that means you have to remember to change your bed sheets too… You don’t even want to know what could be living in there!



Try not to stress:

Uni is stressful! We have work deadlines, we’re trying to find the balance between work and play, and we have lives that go on outside of Uni too! It’s tough for us but it is important to try and not stress. I know it is far easier said than done, especially when you’ve got that ever looming dissertation hanging over your head, but stress can be a key factor for illness. And if you’re ill, it could just make you more stressed – it’s a viscous circle!

Remember, you can always talk to your tutors and student services if you have any problems. They are so supportive and really understanding if you explain what you’re going through.