Armed with two albums and a live bassist, it’s clear to say that Drenge were probably in one of the best live positions of their, albeit short, career. Fronting a boisterous attitude and leaving the Sheffield-shy-boy fear back up North, the band presented old and new tracks in an attention grabbing light.

Despite sounding as though the songs could be on constant continuation, without time to even flip the record, the live representation sets aside the tracks- whether it’s due to, lead singer, Eoin taking a moment to reminisce the city he neighboured as a boy, or an interruption from an overspilled mosh pit, more likely than not during ‘Bloodsports‘.

Unsurprising crowd favourites ‘Backwaters‘ and ‘Face Like A Skull‘ provide the heaviest element in the show, from both the prepubescent teen moshes and the band. Whereas ‘Lets Pretend‘ and ‘Fuckabout‘ slow down the proceedings, but with enough fire behind them to stop you needing a shoulder to cry on.

The bands self-titled debut, Drenge, and second child, Undertow, pair perfectly for live performance, allowing the band to take you through the majority of their discography and a huge chunk of their talent, without having to chuck in a cheesy Taylor Swift cover anymore.

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