Leo Stannard’s Saturday gig at The Cookie was by all standards an undoubtedly great performance. The acoustic-loving Leicester-local took to the stage with a streak of light chords, to which the crowd quickly dropped their conversations and whipped out their phones for that “cheeky” snapchat.

His set was chock-full with debut song performances and twinkling instrumental tracks, which both dazzled and shook the crowd of no more than forty. “It’s nice to be home”, and that certainly shone through in his performance; the indie head confidently laid his guitar down on his lap for the single ‘Lost’, and rhythmically tapped at the strings like a talented madman.

The coziness of the venue also played to Leo’s strength as an entertainer, with the crowd playing a major part of the act, essentially transforming into his own band. By the fifth song, the guitar-twanging indie boy had the room clapping their hands and stomping their feet like some sort of tipsy Motown group. For the performance of his latest single ‘In My Blood’, Leo had the crowd at it again, urging the room to join in with the final set of soulful “ooo’s”. Despite the lack of a backstage to disappear off to, Leo comically made do by anxiously turning his back to the audience. Luckily for him, the risky venture paid off, and he thankfully embraced an eager round of applause before snagging his guitar and hopping off the stage to join us all. So despite the view-obstructing trio of lanky lads at the front, and the lovey-dovey couple enjoying each other’s mouths more than the music, the Leicester-born up-and-comer put on a truly great show to celebrate his visit home.

Posted by Chris Daunt

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