The ever talented Courntey Barnett has been around for a good few years on the live circuit now, and a personal favourite from these shows has always been ‘Depreston’, which until this week has never seen the light of day as a properly produced studio recording. The news that the track is to be included on Barnett’s second album ‘Sometimes I Sit & Think & Sometimes I Just Sit’ genuinely made this journo let out a happy squeally noise.

‘Depreston’ will strike a chord with anyone who has ever felt lost and disillusioned with where they live, bored of the same old coffee shops and faces. Barnett’s vocal is incredibly subdued, signifying the apathetic pounding of pavement that finally inspires you to up and leave.

There is so much wonder in the plain simplicity of Barnett’s talent as a songwriter. Where previous single ‘Pedestrian At Best’ was fuelled by snappy aggression, ‘Depreston’ is exactly that void of nothing one feels when totally lost and isolated in the world. Christ, even the melodies in this track are relatable and they speak just as loudly as the actual lyrics to the song.

The subtle anti-capitalist messages hidden within the lyrics are in the running to be some of my favourite lyrics ever written. It’s not the big growth spurt towards drastic changes for the better, instead it’s more the slow photosynthesis-like feeling of a long drive into a hot sunset.

Courtney Barnett is without a shadow of a doubt one of thise generations greatest musical talents and if her music has so far evaded your ears, then take this review as your call to arms to get on your computer or phone and delve deep in to the wonderfully droll world that she has created.