Laura  Name- Laura Hayden Jones

Occupation- DMU Anime Secretary

Course- English Literature and Creative Writing


It’s been a busy time at Demon Anime… with Telford Comic Con taking place a few weeks ago, we’ve recently been fighting to book a coaches but in the end, we had to resort to public transport again.

Don’t be alarmed if you saw a bunch of people in wigs and costume walking through campus early Valentine’s morning: that would have been us!

Walking around town in costume on Comic Con day is honestly one of the highlights; the looks on people’s faces are priceless. It’s one of the big visits we attend here at Demon Anime and it’s a major event on any geek’s calendar. Every time a Comic Con trip is over we just start preparing for the next one!

We’ve just done a major mix up of how the society is run every week as well. With tastes getting a bit stale it’s now totally random and down to any member what we watch. Who knows, we could end up with anything new that no one’s heard of to something completely retro and nostalgic like Pokémon! It just makes it feel so much more interactive and the Facebook group has never felt more active and fun.

The committee is currently in talks to see what else we can do to mix things up a bit. After all, just sitting around watching cartoons can get a bit old after a while. Since we’re just about watching animation and feeling relaxed we could go for anything from a meal to Lazer Quest so it’s exciting thinking what anime society could be doing soon!”