If you’re not a regular visitor to the Student Union or don’t have a flatmate who is a Midwife, then you may not have heard about the new Midwifery Society that started this year. Personally, although fulfilling both of these attributes, I still didn’t know about it. Luckily Lauren Youd, a first year Midwifery student, told me the ins and outs of this new society.

The Midwifery society is a new one; how did you find out about it?

It has been set up by four second year midwives who thought there was something lacking without a Midwifery society. I had seen it online briefly before I came to DMU but signed up at the Freshers’ Fair as they had their own stall.

Would you say it’s predominantly for Midwifery students, or is anyone welcome to join?

I think anyone could join the society because we have days on certain aspects of midwifery- nothing is too technical and there is no test for you to enter the society. So far it’s been a lot of tea-drinking and chatting.

Why do you feel it’s taken so long for the society to start up?
It’s hard for people on a Midwifery course to start a society as they’re very busy. But, people who don’t do Midwifery who may have more time, do not know as much about the subject and where to start setting up the society. For example- the Midwives have set up several events throughout the year for us to have guest speakers on certain areas. Other non-midwifery students may not know these areas of the course exist or where to book them.

I personally hadn’t heard of it until now. Do you feel as though the society will help you further your studies; is it something that you’ll include on your CV when applying for jobs?
Of course, it’s useful to hear what past student Midwives did on their course and get some helpful tips. I will for sure put the booked sessions down on my CV as it will show an employer that I know a little more about a specific area than someone I’m competing against for a job.

It definitely sounds like something that’s worth writing down! What would you give as advice for anyone who wants to join the society but maybe doesn’t know much about the subject?

Before paying the £5 membership fee, find the society group on Facebook; join it and message the admin. Ask them some questions about what they do and find out more info for non-midwifery students. They’re all so friendly and passionate about midwifery, I’m sure they would love to branch out to other students; just chat to them.

Finally how do you feel the society will progress and what aspects are you looking forward to?

Hopefully with more money from subscriptions we can book more speakers and gain more info on certain areas. I’m mainly looking forward to there being a talk on micro-birthing that they’re planning for us.

Don’t forget to follow DMU Midwife society on twitter: @DMUMidSoc or join the Facebook group: DMU Midwifery Society.