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The Creative Writing Society is returning for another academic year! Hooray! We are very excited to be continuing this year, on our committee there is Corum (Chair), Ellie (Treasurer), Kamara (Health and Safety Officer) and myself, Claire (Secretary).

By joining this society you will be able to participate in workshops every Monday. Each week we will vary what we do, some weeks we will be writing, performing, and sharing work to receive feedback. We do these activities in particular to enhance skills that will be valuable if wanting to be involved in the writing world. We do make sure they are fun, there will be plenty of games and exciting activities to participate in. We also have Open Mic nights that we hold once a month, which allows anybody to perform their work. People can perform as many things as they like and whatever they want, whilst we encourage people to do this, if you don’t want to that is absolutely fine. There is no pressure!

On Tuesdays there will be the opportunity for people to come to socials, which we usually hold at ‘The Font’ so people can get food, drinks and have a chat. We also get the chance to go to other places such as Firebug, Oddbar and Mosh.

Last year, we got many opportunities to try new things. We got the chance to participate in ‘Dave’s Comedy Festival’ at ‘The Cookie’, we combined forces with Demon Theatre at a charity variety night, and baked some delicious cakes and biscuits at the bake sale, as well as writing poetry for charity. We also got to attend open mic nights and ‘Word at the Y.’ We even got to attend a poetry slam competition in which our Chair Person last year, Corey Bedford participated, and Ellie and I got the chance to judge, which determined who got into the ‘Poetry is Dead Good’ poetry slam final in Nottingham. Last year the society got nominated for two awards, ‘most improved society’ and ‘most active member.’

The great thing about the Creative Writing society is that anybody can join, it doesn’t matter what course you are on, or what year you are in, anyone is welcome. You will get the opportunity to meet lots of new people, share and inspire/be inspired. We would also like for people to become involved in a publication being worked on and also give the opportunity for people to join the committee (these will look great on a CV!).

If you like what you have been reading, and are interested in becoming a CREWton, please come visit us at the Societies Fair on the 1st October. We are very much looking forward to meeting new members, and seeing the work you produce! If you have any questions, please email us at demoncrewsoc@gmail.com