LGBT+ society

With DMU boasting many a society, it is not difficult for us to become unaware as to what they each stand for. Amongst the dance troops and entrepreneurial groups, it is easy to misjudge the status of the welfare based societies on offer here.

LGBT+ is a long running society here at DMU, but how many of us can comfortably say that we know exactly what they do?

LGBT+ is a group focussed on providing welfare and support for individuals who identify themselves as a part of the community. The society promotes their position as a safe space where members are free to be themselves and can openly discuss topics related to the LGBT+ community.

Recently there has been some debate questioning the welfare functionality of the society; it has been suggested that the society has become too concerned with promoting nights out and partying as opposed to the welfare and support events that had initially been prescribed.

However, where this may appear to be the case, since the society has established a strong social unit, it is often overlooked as to how much planning and preparation these events require. Rest assured though, the society have some great plans up their sleeve for the rest of the academic year.

Timothy Deves, Chair of the society, said: “Since our society is a welfare group, we decided that this year we want to be a completely free and independent society.

“Even though we do get massive support from DMU and the Leicester LGBT centre, event organization is a lot harder than just going out and having fun.”

To clarify, the society is constantly thinking of events and workshops that they can organize- not only for the members, but for the general public as well.

The society has already planned a workshop to raise awareness for asexuality, a similar awareness event for bisexuality, and the usually-large Pride event in February.

Timothy says: “For the awareness events, we ourselves have to prepare and gather correct information on the subject before we decide to present it to the public. Our aim is to educate and help.

“As for pride, I can guarantee that this year will be massive. We all are putting our heads together and throwing in ideas”.

Another problem that could be raised is the approachability of the society, the main issue being that the society does not have a physical spot in our Student Union and the best way to approach for events or nights out is through their official Facebook group.

It is understandable that it can be hard to approach a group of people that you have never met before; however Tim reassures that the society members are very friendly and approachable.

He said: “If we do a bar crawl and we notice a new person standing alone awkwardly we will make sure to talk to them and make them feel welcome. We understand how uncomfortable it can be, but we really do urge people to just come along and break the ice.”

If you seek welfare, support or just a place where you can be yourself, join the LGBT+ Society’s Facebook page: DMU LGT+ 2014-2015 Official @