On 12 February, DMU Music Society was given a performance masterclass from a successful lead singer.

Daniel Tompkins, frontman of rock bands Skyharbor and Tesseract, treated the group to his expertise after accumulating years of experience within the music industry.

Adam Walker, Chairman of the society, said: “Dan has always been a fantastic performer. I’ve seen him perform several times with TesseracT and was fascinated to find out how he was able to maintain such an outstanding vocal whilst performing with a prog-rock/metal band.

“When I learned that hewas starting workshops on his last tour, I got in touch to see if he wanted to come to DMU to do one, and he did!”

The event took place at The Looking Glass where the musician worked with the society, providing members with a workshop centred on singing and performing live.

The singer/songwriter also allowed insight into his vocal technique and the ways in which he looks after his voice, as well as the implications of sustaining performances throughout lengthy tours.

Tompkins also gave a thorough explanation about how the voice works.


Walker said: “He discussed the different voice pitches that can be used as well as briefly going into how he screams on stage with TesseracT.”


The workshop was greatly received by members, who all took away invaluable lessons.


Matt Smith, Successor Chairman, said: “Lucky to have had such a thoughtful and insightful lecture on the voice. So much to take away from it.”


Jack Cahill, a society member, said: “It was amazing to hear Dan’s story of becoming a musician and how he learned about the voice and its capabilities, really inspiring.”


Soon, members will be showing off their new knowledge with new plans in the pipeline.


With the new committee having already been selected, the new team will be organising their first showcase. Taking place on 17 March, the event is set to follow the theme of mash-ups.


The venue is yet to be confirmed


For more dates and information, find the society on Facebook: DMU Music Society