charity week banner

During the week commencing October 27th, DMU’s Islamic Society took part in an exciting project entitled Charity Week

Charity Week is a student led organisation which acts in collaboration with Islamic Relief, where students all across the country raise money for orphans and needy children around the world.

Charity week, for many students, is the best week of the year; a week filled with fun, competition and fundraising for an amazing cause. This year’s slogan was ‘Unity is the Key’ and that was really evident here at DMU.

During the week, the Islamic society held stalls outside the SU, selling delicious cakes and Krispy Kreme doughnuts every day from 10am-4pm. Again, this was such a huge success having raised so much during the week, but this would not have been possible without the help of our wonderful volunteers whom we would like to thank.

As well as this, we held many great Charity Week events: we had a Brother’s Charity Football Tournament, which was a big success. As well as this, there was a charity dinner and an auction at Koyla’s on Wednesday 29th October. There was a huge turnout with a guest speaker form Islamic Relief giving a talk on Charity Week with some great words of wisdom: “We may not be able to completely change the world, but surely we can recreate a ripple in our ocean of people.”

The Islamic society was lucky enough to collaborate with other societies at DMU during Charity Week, and it was honestly a huge success. The Hindu Society, Tamil Society, Indian Society, DMU Bollywood Dance Society and Korean Culture Society all helped to take part in this wonderful cause; all working together, uniting to raise money for orphans and needy children.

As a society, we would like to thank these societies abundantly for all their hard work and efforts with helping us out and working with us during this incredible week. Without all their support and hard work; without them, Charity Week would not have been as big and as successful as it was.

To sum up, Charity Week 2014 has been an epic week, filled with joy and we definitely have proven that Unity is the Key.